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    Cory Ryan

    artist-cory-ryanCory Ryan’s music speaks to the soul. His rich blend of folk-rock and lyrical depth is not easily categorized, but it is easy to listen to. Every song is a piece of Americana, and the original lyrics remain surprisingly relatable. His debut album,Blank Slate, has been met with much adulation and success.

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    Cutter Gage

    artist-cutter-gageCutter’s music is both tender and powerful, with deep and honest lyrics paired with reflective acoustic music and unpretentious vocals. He tackles complex emotions in a way that brings everyone along for the ride, talking openly about struggle, defeat, triumph, and tenacious joy. He’s working on recording his first full solo album, although individual tracks are going up on the members section as we record them.

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    Dan Weller

    Dan1Classically trained country guitarist, Dan Weller is a multi-faceted guitarist-vocalist based in Nashville. Over the years, he’s toured with several independent and major label artists in front of audiences as large as 500,000.

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    artist-rezRez is worship music from a new generation of musicians for a new generation of listeners. Rez’s music captures the passion and energy of young worshipers without overly-simplifying the complexities of their faith. The melodies are moving and upbeat, and the lyrics infused with hope, joy, and optimism.

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    Vessel Worship

    artist-vibeVessel Worship blends deep emotions with acoustic-driven folk-rock melodies to create a unique style of worship music. Emotions running the gamut from hope to despair, awe to moments of doubt, Vessel Worship captures all of the complexities and intricacies of a rich and honest life in Christ; and with instruments ranging from guitars and piano to the penny whistle and congas, there’s a rich musical background to every emotion.

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