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    What’s in a label? A lot, actually.

    Not About Me Records is a different kind of record label. It’s a label started by artists, and it’s a label for artists. It’s a label about helping each other grow. But most of all, it’s a label that’s all about watching its artists grow.


    Not About Me is comprised of a recording division (Not About Me Records) and a publishing division (Not About Me Music).

    Not About Me Records is run by people who first learned the industry as artists. We understand that musicians have a need to nourish the soul as well as earn a living; we understand that listeners desire to connect with artists and not just sign their paychecks; and we have the experience to help gifted artists become inspired, recognized artists.

    So what’s in a label? A lot of good artists, a lot of good art, and the potential to make good artists into great ones.

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    May 2
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